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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Tangled Nest

I have not updated this blog recently despite many an arty and musical project taking place sometimes it's hard to be creating and updating blogs at the same time. Hopefully over the next few weeks I can add some of these to this blog but for now I will begin with my most recent news.... I am excited to annonce my painting 'Tangled Nest' has been selected for the Thelma Hulbert Gallery Open Exhibition and can be viewed there alongside lots of other wonderful art from South West Artists for the next couple of months.  The Thelma and Hulbert Gallery, Devon It has inspired me to write a little about what the painting is about.

Tangled Nest

 Below an ocean of wine coloured threads,
 A grey feathered bird tenderly clasps one woven end towards the 
 Soon to take flight-
 the untangling of tightly coiled knots.
 In the distance a storm rumbles.
        Sometimes if we knew the journey ahead it would be hard to stide out and take it, perhaps we would fail to do so at all. Fear would clasp its greedy claws against us and we would stay close to shelter, to the place we know best. The warm protective nest woven together before we were born can't protect us any longer. Like the fledgling bird we must learn to fly. To spread our wings, take to the skies and unravel the knots intertwined into our being.    
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