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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I work as a visual artist alongside a Musician and Storyteller for Blazing Tales, an expressive arts group.( www.blazingtales.co.uk )and we have just returned from two wonderful sunny days working outside with a 100+ children. The theme of the project was celtic settlers and we worked from a more creative angle rather than purely historical. It was brilliant to work alongside a school who were so clearly keen to incorporate creativity and play into the childrens education. I really recommend having a look at the schools creative blog below. it includes photos of the school's making of a celtic hut with the children in their wildlife garden. Can't wait to see it once they have finished it and the children using it. This link goes directly to photo of our day two's time with the school but you should be able to access the rest of the blog from there.


Our photos from the day to follow.....

Below is a link to some photos of another Olympic Banner in the making, this time at Doddiscombsleigh Primary School. I loved the final result. Wonderful group of artists!!